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If you have missing teeth that look unsightly or cause you difficulty when chewing then dental implants may be suitable for you. Dental implants can be used to secure a crown, bridge or your denture to give you confidence in your smile again.

Why Dental Implants? Dental implants may offer you important advantages compared to other treatment options:

Improved Quality Of Life

o   The ability to enjoy a wide variety of food again       

o   No need for messy dental adhesives             

Enhance Appearance            

o   Excellent cosmetics when compared with alternatives.

Better Health

o   Improves chewing and therefore aids digestion

o   Allows a full and balanced diet to be enjoyed once more

Greater Self-Confidence

o   No fear of dentures coming loose when eating or speaking

o   No uncomfortable moments from loose dentures

        Many patients suffer from missing teeth. The historic alternatives to missing teeth have been dentures or bridges but these are not without their problems. Many patients complain that their dentures feel loose. Bridges, by their nature, require the adjacent teeth to be damaged to support the missing tooth. This can present problems later such as decay and abscesses.

Dental Implants can help restore confidence in your smile in a secure, predictable way without damaging any adjacent teeth. They can be used to replace a single tooth or restore a whole mouth.

First developed in the 1950s implant technology is now such that there is an excellent success rate for implant treatments. Because implants are secured in bone they look and feel like having your own teeth back. Made from titanium, implants fixtures create an integrated union with your jaw-bone to provide the perfect replacement for your missing tooth or teeth.

At Perfect Smile Dental Clinic we are able to offer a full range of implant treatments from replacing a single tooth to full mouth reconstruction.